The Transformation of Konkan

Situated in the lush and abundant coastline of Maharashtra, Konkan is known to be home to fishermen and farmers. This region was lagging behind compared to the rest of Maharashtra in terms of growth and development. The Konkan Railways was a transformation for Konkan in terms of connectivity. This project took years of planning and was finally effective from 1998 It is the best way to admire the alluring landscape of Konkan.

A number of new roads (national and state highways) and bridges have been built over time. The Rajapur – Ratnagiri – Ganpatipule coastal state highway is a great example. Konkan has many small creeks that separate villages and towns. Now with bridges and the coastal highway the travel time has reduced drastically from hours to minutes.

Apart from getting a good investment returns of realty sector in the fast And let’s not forget the dazzling view of the Arabian Sea.Since television dish antennas have advanced to satellite dishes; television coverage is available even in the remotest of villages. The same applies to mobile networks. It would take Konkan time to attract crowds like Goa. The railway and better roads have helped in connectivity and thus tourism is increasing slowly. Resorts and hotels have been built over time which has increased employment in other sectors. Konkan has a long way to go but we can see the change. For example, Ganpatipule has been altered from a small coastal village and temple town, to a major tourist destination. Over time there has been an improvement in the maintenance of heritage structures.Small towns and villages have seen drastic changes in roadways, markets, factories, hotels and restaurants. Cash crops are booming in Konkan, clearly led by Mangoes. In rural areas primary and secondary schools have become common. In addition to that colleges are seen in urban and semi urban areas. Industry has also taken a major turn over the years. The much debated Dabhol power plant has resumed operations at 100% of its installed capacity of 1967 MW in 2010 Two major ports in Konkan are Jawaharlal Nehru port which is the largest container port in India and Mumbai port which handles bulk cargo Maharashtra government has decided to develop two ports between Ratnagiri and Goa which is a practical reason because of the export o f chemicals. The state is also planning to improve the linkage between the ports So far the transformation of Konkan has been promising and we hope to see further development in the next decade.